Sentinel Pro

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Sentinel Pro

Sentinel Monitoring system is a Modbus Voice, SMS and Email Alarm dialer and cloud-based monitoring system that detects the occurring events and make you alert. As well as logging its inputs.

Product Description

Intuitive Cloud-Based Monitoring with Modbus – Now Available

Product Details: Sensaphone Sentinel is a cloud-based monitoring system which allows you to monitor remotely. The Sensaphone Sentinel Pro precisely detect the critical condition of climate including climate change, environments check or any threat observed with the degree of certainty and simultaneously proactive you. The Sensaphone system supports Modbus RTU/485 and Modbus TCP. It conveys you a data logs input/output points and drops an alarm from third-party transducers, programmable logic controllers, and Modbus sensors. Sensaphone sentinel pro is backing up with Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU/485, allows you to access and manage your system for anywhere using powerful and simplest cloud-based interface. If an interruption found, you’ll be the first to know. The alerts will be sent to your cellular device, this keeps you always updated and giving you peacefulness wherever you are, maintain your focus on business stuff.


  • The organized internet connection satisfy & convince that the Sentinel is online and monitoring at all times
  • Store the Sensaphone readings in the cloud to undoubtedly secure against data loss and bring you the infinite information storage
  • It receives an alarm notification through a cellular or an Internet connection
  • It notifies an infinite variety of individuals by text message, voice phone calls, or e-mail in the event of an alarm
  • The Poll Modbus collects information from 12 external sensors and monitors humidity, temperature, raining or any threats
  • With a Cellular modem, It is also remotely available for where internet connection or telephone services are unreachable
  • It senses the Temperature range of -109° to 168 °F | -85° to 76 °C
  • Supervise the multiple units, can make changes in programming and access & monitor upcoming events using cloud-based interface


Allows you to monitor remote facilities and environments and check critical conditions of your climate-sensitive commodities with the same degree of certainty you’ve come to expect from Sensaphone. It takes the burden out of managing your system by giving you access to your readings from anywhere using a simple, powerful web-based interface. If there’s a disruption, you’ll be the first to know. Alerts can be sent straight to your mobile device—keeping you updated and giving you peace-of-mind wherever you are so you can remain focused on business as usual.

Up to twelve external sensors monitor temperature, humidity, water and more
Available with an optional cellular modem for operation in locations where telephone or internet service is unobtainable.
Temperature sensing range of -109° to 168°F | -85° to 76°C
Manage multiple units, make programming changes and access status conditions using a simple, powerful web-based interface.

Tech Specs

Communication Method Cellular
Number of Inputs 12 Digital or Analog & 64 Modbus Registers
Input Types Modbus RTU/485 and Modbus TCP, Contact, 2.8K, 10K, 4-20mA
Temperature Sensing Range -109° to 168°F | -85° to 76°C
Output Relay Towlow voltage NO/NC relay output
Manual or automatic alarm switching
Remote Access Website and mobile app to access status and programming
Local Access LEDs for Alarm Status, Power Status, and Ethernet/Cellular link
Alarm Notification An unlimited number of email, text or phone calls
Power Supply Plug in power supply also monitors for power failures
Data Logging Unlimited samples securely stored on the Sentinel servers
Programmable sampling Interval – 5 mins to 24 hrs
Battery Backup Time 8 hours
Physical 12.5 x 12.2 x 7.0” | 318 x 310 x 178mm 10.5lbs. | 4.7kg


Brochures/User Manual


Frequently asked Questions about the Sentinel Monitoring System

    What equipment is needed to operate the Sentinel remote monitoring system?

  • It is quick and easy to set-up the Sentinel unit. The physical installation has only three steps:
  • Mount the Sentinel to a wall or secure location
  • Plug into the electrical outlet and internet connection.
  • Wire the sensors to the Sentinels terminal strip using wire.
  • Depending on experience the unit can be installed without an electrician.

    How do I set-up the Sentinel device?

  • Once the system is installed you then create an account on and can begin using the device.

  • Is there a monthly fee?

  • The Sentinel system can be used with a free subscription. For a small monthly fee you may use the premium subscription which allows features such as text messaging and phone call alerts as well as unlimited data logging access.

  • Does the Sentinel system have battery-back-up

  • Yes, the Sentinel has an on board battery back-up that will last for 8 hours to continue powering your unit in the case of power failure.

  • Can I use Wireless Sensors?

  • The sensors are required to be hardwired on the Sentinel system. If you require wireless sensors we can suggest an alternative product.

  • What protection is used for power failure at the cloud hosting site?

  • The infrastructure for the cloud platform used by the Sentinel is monitored 24/7. It also has multiple back-ups to ensure the system is never down.


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