Have you ever been stuck in a situation where a temperature monitoring device failed you? Or, picture this, imagine you are on a vacation and a fire breaks out in your office. As soon as you reach the business space after 10 days, you see a catastrophe. Do you want a way out of these types of chaotic situations, SMS or alarm dialers are your solution?

SMS alarm diallers are an option for indicating to you a situation that needs immediate attention. The market is full of a variety of SMS dialers and voice dialers that are available for a variety of purposes. EDAC SMS diallers are best of all since they can be connected to both mobile phones, something that is available with anyone these days, and a landline.

The first question that arises is what method of alarm delivery suits your application best?


Pros:   This method is well known for an immediate phone call to notify the first alarm recipient. The alarm recipient can acknowledge the alarm immediately to stop it from notifying others on the call list if required. It can be set to keep ring until the alarm is acknowledged.  This will generally have a list of people and can call in them in succession.

Cons: Alarm delivery can not be delivered to multiple users at a time.



Pros: SMS can be sent to multiple users at the same time. This makes group notification easier. This method can be less obtrusive for the recipient.

Cons:  Although 99% of alarms are delivered immediately there is no guarantee from the cellular provider for a time to delivery. For example, Telstra guaranteed delivery within 24 hours.

Because this method receives only makes a sound when it arrives a lot of clients tell us that doesn’t wake them up at night. These customers have often switched to a device that is either just voice or a combination of SMS and Voice.



Pro: This alarm method can be sent to a lot of recipients all at once. Depending on the application it can also attach a file with more information.

Con: Most people do not check their emails as soon as they arrive. This method is generally used when notifications aren’t critical.


Some devices fit into multiple categories. For the options above please go to https://www.edac.com.au/alarm-diallers/