Agricultural Applications

Keeping your plants alive and healthy requires the best possible growing environment. How long does it take you to find out about issues like falling temperatures, poor ventilation, high CO2 levels, humidity changes, equipment failure and water leaks — especially when they occur after hours or during the off season?

Prevent disaster during the off-season

For more than 30 years, Sensaphone has been providing remote monitoring systems for greenhouses….detecting extreme temperature fluctuation and frost, frozen irrigation lines, heater, and fan failures 24/7. If any condition goes outside your preset parameters, the system instantly alerts you by phone, email or text. This means you have an extra layer of protection when personnel are not on site, and you can check conditions from anywhere via the website.

Prevent disease during the growing season

During the growing season the Sensaphone system can monitor temperature, humidity levels, and circulation fan operation…the key factors that prevent mold, algae, mildew and disease and maximize your growing yield.



Agriculture-VineyardA vineyard uses ELPRO Wireless units for early frost warning. The battery-powered wireless units and thermostat are mounted on movable ground stakes so they can be located according to prevailing winds. If the temperature drops to dew-point, an early warning frost alarm is transmittedpinponting that location.


Agriculture-Greenhouse-monitoringA company producing hydroponic crops in greenhouses used ELPRO Wireless units for environmental monitoring. ELPRO units were also installed to control automatically navigated harvesting machines.


Agriculture-IrrigationA large cotton-growing property uses ELPRO Wireless units to monitor and control it’s river pumps and irrigation water storage. As water is purchased, the control system yields significant savings in water conservation.


A large aquaculture producer used ELPRO Wireless units to connect an extensive array of water quality analyzers and automatic dosing pumps. The system had a significant effect on quality improvement.


A piggery installed environmental sensors using ELPRO’s Wireless units. Cost savings from reducing envrionmental stress on the animals paid for the system in less than 6 months. The wireless system was later expanded to add security sensors.