Brodersen Pump Controller

Brodersen Pump Controller

The Brodersen RTU32 Series pump controller solution provides multiple interfaces for presentation of data from its embedded SCADA application that can be used together or independently to provide local and remote access.

Local HMI presentation can use a monitor/touch screen connected to the VGA port and/or allow an operator within range of a local wireless router to securely connect a portable PC, smart phone or tablet to the RTU web server, or use a remote desktop solution.

If the communications interface to the corporate SCADA network includes/allows IP connectivity for remote users they can also connect to the RTU web server, or use a remote desktop solution as a backup to their normal SCADA host.  In temporary or ‘host-less’ applications the RTUs web server can provide the complete SCADA interface via an IP connection (eg. ADSL, 3G comms).


A Flexible Solution for Pump Controllers with RTU and Local/Remote HMI Display Capabilities

Brodersen RTU hardware is used in a wide range of applications by utility industry customers.  In the water and waste water industry segments, a common application is pump station control. Most vendors of PLC/RTU solutions are able to provide a reasonable solution for the control portion, but require the addition of expensive HMI display options to provide a local user interface and often are unable to support remote HMI interfaces.  Anyone who has tried using a ‘canned’ pump controller solution will know that what was supposedly an easy to use interface is both complex to setup and maintain and fails to meet expectations because of limited functionality and the inability for the underlying application code to be edited if/when required.

The Brodersen RTU32 Series architecture supports operation of multiple software applications that allow fully integrated pump control solutions to be deployed that are easily managed by end users and their integration staff.  A typical RTU32 pump controller solution uses industry standard IEC61131-3 control logic for managing the operation, duty rotation and monitoring of the pumps, Modbus and DNP3 communications protocols for local and remote data transfer and an embedded SCADA application for presentation of system data (including trends and reports) locally via a VGA port (typically connected to a touch screen) and remotely over secured communications links via either the embedded web server or remote desktop interfaces.


  • RTU firmware and application code can be setup/updated remotely using the RTUs web server or FTP server.
  • All configuration is stored on a removable flash card, allowing rapid RTU update/changeover ie. ‘swap and go’.
  • Wide range of SCADA/IT protocols – Modbus, DNP3 Secure, DNP3 WITS, IEC60870, IEC61850, SNMP & VPN.
  • Import/translate existing application code from other logic editors such as ISaGRAF.
  • Reusable code across the different RTU32 Series hardware ie. same app. for RTU32, RTU32E and RTU32R.


Additional product information is available from our website, or from the authorised distributor in your region.


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