Product Number: IMS-4840

The IMS-4840 External Power Sensor lets you monitor power anywhere within your infrastructure. It reports any loss of power and measures the current voltage in the circuit, allowing you to know the status of each server rack and even of your remote UPS. Any failed generator starts are reported to you immediately. The IMS-4840 can monitor voltage from 0-250VAC 50/60Hz.

The Power Sensor connects to the IMS Host or Node via an RJ-45 cable (e.g. CAT5 cable). The connection from the sensor to the Host or Node can utilize your existing network wiring infrastructure. For example, the sensor may be installed in another room or another floor. Connect the sensor to your structured wiring network via an RJ-45 jack. At the other end, connect a patch cable from your structured wiring patch panel directly to the Host or Node environmental input.