Bun Hygro

Bun Hygro

“Bun Hygro” records the temperature and RH 24/7, and notifies you via email and SMS if measured parameters are out of your defined range. You will be notified if “bun” cannot reach the internet.

As an alarm system, “bun” immediately uploads the records if the measured values exceed or fall below the user-defined limits, and then then notifies the user via e-mail and SMS.

– No wire at all
– Will keep you posted 24/7
– Has been designed for real world
– Simplicity is our philosophy


“Bun Hygro” or simply “bun” is a temperature and relative humidity (RH) recorder-alarm system. It automatically measures temperature and RH at desired intervals, stores all records on its internal memory, and syncs them via Wi-Fi to a cloud-based application named LoggerMaster. It is powered by an internal ultralong-life battery (up to 20 years). Recording intervals can be flexibly adjusted from 1 minute to 2 hours, and upload intervals can vary from every minute to once a week.

  • Rest assured 24/7, A tireless eye is watching your business!
  • Access your records, anywhere, anytime !
  • Get rid of wires! Get rid of batteries too!
  • Saves you a lot!
  • Keep track of the peaks !
  • Hook it up to your Wi-Fi router

Additional Info

Length 150cm (5 ft.)
Weight 7.5kg (16.5 Ib)
Connection Range Upto 700 meters (760yds)
Adjustable measurement dept 12 to 100 cm ( 4½” to 40″)
Temperature measurement Range – 40 + 125 °C
– 40 +255 °F
RH measurement range 0 100 %
WiFi Yes


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