IMS 1000

IMS 1000

IMS-1000 supports up to eight sensors to monitor critical environmental conditions. When a fault is detected, it immediately notifies through Ethernet and telephone connections. Sending Voice calls, SMS, Email and SNMP


Receive Alarm Notifications… Even if Your Network Goes Down!

With the rack-mountable Sensaphone IMS-1000 Single Room Monitoring Solution; a built-in web server lets users view status, make changes, and review history while the included relay output can switch local devices on/off based on alarm activity. Receive alarm notifications through e-mail, text messaging, and SNMP. The available phone-line option adds voice alerts and call-in status. Each sensor input features LEDs to indicate status while alarm LEDs show when power, IP, or battery alarms have been triggered.

  • Up to eight plug-and-play CAT5 sensors monitor temperature, humidity, smoke, fire, break-in.
  • Included relay output can switch  local devices on/off based on alarm activity.
  • Available phone-line option adds voice alerts and call-in status updates.

Additional information

Number of Inputs


Communication Type

Phone Line, Cellular

Data Logging



SNMP, Voice Phone Call, Email & SMS

Supported Sensor Types

4-20mA, Temperature, Contact Type, Various Sensors


Capabilities: Connect as many as eight sensors to monitor a variety of conditions, including a -85°C temperature sensor ideal for cold-storage applications. Built-in power-failure and IP-device monitoring help ensure proper functioning of devices on your network.

Features: Access programming through the IMS-1000 SNMP Agent. This built-in web server allows you to view status, make program changes, and review data history. An included relay output can switch local devices on/off based on alarm activity.

Alerts: Receive alarm notifications through e-mail, text messaging, and SNMP traps. An available phone-line option adds customizable voice alerts and also give users the option to call-in for remote status updates.

Includes: A rechargeable battery-backup system protects in the event of power outage.

Tech Specs

Communication Method Ethernet standard, phone line optional
Number of Inputs 8
Output Relay Manual or automatic control
Remote Access Website to access status and programming
Local Access LEDs for System On, Battery Status, Output Status and Alarm Status
Alarm Notification 16 User profiles with 4 contacts per profile – any combination of e-mail, text message, SNMP trap or voice phone calls (optional)
IP Monitoring Up to 16 network devices or servers, specific TCP port services can be monitored for connectivity and response
Data Logging 100,000 samples (includes data, date, and time), 1 second to 1 month sampling rates, all sensors, battery and power
Supported Protocols HTTP, XML, SMTP, SNMP-MIB with traps, GET, GETNEXT, and SET
Power Supply Plug in power supply also monitors for power failures
Built in battery backup
Battery Backup Time 3.5 hours
Physical 14 x 1.75 x 7” | 355 x 44 x 178mm
3.75lbs | 1.7kg
Warranty 3 years
Standards FCC Part 15 Class A, USA Emission Standards
FCC Part 68 (47 C.F.R. Part 68), USA Telecommunications Standards




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