New! Condor Series Ultra-Long Range Ethernet for Reliable Connectivity
Eaton is proud to announce the release of the CONDOR SERIES line of high speed licensed radio telemetry products. The Condor Series I/O Gateway variant improves on the 415U-2 product line by significantly increasing the data throughput to an industry-leading 140kbps at 25kHz channel in licensed applications (with compression). The Condor Series products come in two easy-to-select frequency bands: 340MHz – 400MHz and 400MHz – 480Mhz, up to 10W transmit power, an improved configuration software for seamless network setups, and advanced cybersecurity features that meet the most stringent standards.


ELPRO industrial wireless has 30 years of expertise in solving critical industrial applications through our extensive knowledge in wireless Ethernet, modem and gateway applications. The 415U-E-C extends communications to sensors in local, remote, and
difficult-to-reach locations.

Designed with the condor series long-range, high data speed wireless transceiver and standards-based native Ethernet protocol over the air, gives 415U-E-C the power and flexibility to perform reliably in sprawling harsh industrial environments.

Secure. AES encryption, advanced IP filtering, multilevel authentication, user access and change event logging features provide the user with the tools to ensure the highest level of data integrity and protection against malicious attacks.

Flexible. Ethernet native support provides solutions to connectivity challenges today and in the future. The ELPRO 415U-E-C provides Ethernet and serial gateway support for industrial protocols including Modbus TCP/RTU and DNP3 I/O.

Reliable. The condor series 415U-E-C ProMesh operates reliably with the challenges of obstructed paths by using automatic path selection and frequency agility to allow the communications network to adapt to changes easily with redundancy.


  • Exceeding 140 kbps data throughput (25 kHz channel and compression)
  • Secure data protection with WPA and AES256 encryption
  • Full Ethernet protocol over the air provides a standards-based flexibility to support future and legacy devices
  • ProMesh automatic path selection and network formation


  • Supports multiple data rates simultaneously for high performance over short and long communication links
  • Frequency agility roaming, provides reliability and flexibility within the network architecture
  • Over-the-air context-based data compression and forward error correction provides maximum reliability and transmission efficiency
  • Redundancy modes for base, repeater, and remote
  • Wireless point-to-point or multipoint I/O and gateway functionality
  • Modbus TCP and RTU I/O gateway
  • DNP3 I/O gateway, including internal status registers
  • Standard Ethernet bridge default to allow modem function for external Ethernet host devices (full L2/ L3 network support)
  • 340–480 MHz frequency range in just 2 models
  • 10 mW to 10 W RF power configurable, license or license-free
  • Software configurable wireless channel bandwidth supporting 6.25, 12.5, 25.0 kHz
  • Integrated digital I/O for alarms
  • Over-the-air network diagnostics and configuration
  • Visual indication of wireless link status and quality on front panel
  • Expandable I/O for local alarms and inputs/outputs

Tech Specs

Frequency 340–400 MHz
400–480 MHz
Transmit power QPSK – 4 W (+36 dBm)
16-QAM, 64 QAM – 2.5 W (+34 dBm)
2-FSK, 4-FSK – 10 W (+40 dBm
Transmit power—peak 10 mW–10 W (+40 dBm) configurable
Modulation QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM
2-FSK or 4-FSK (compatibility mode)
Receiver sensitivity QPSK-FEC – 116 dBm
QPSK – 113 dBm
16-QAM – 104 dBm
64-QAM – 97 dBm
2-FSK – 110 dBm
4-FSK – 102 dBm
Channel spacing 6.25, 12.5, 25.0 kHz (software configurable)
Typical data throughput 64-QAM 45 kbps 80 kbps 140 kbps
Typical range(LoS QPSK-FEC) 62 miles (100 km) at 4 W , 10 miles (16 km) at 0.5 W
Antenna connector SMA female
Discrete input 2 digital I/O (configurable as PI or PO)
On-state voltage: <2.1 Vdc
Wetting current: 5 mA
Max. I/P pulse rate–DI 1/2: 50 kHz
Max. I/P pulse width–DI 1/2: 10 μs
Ethernet port
Link activity
100M LED
Data rate (bps)
Serial 1 x RS-232, 1 x RS-485, 1200–230400 bps
Serial over IP modem support
System address ESSID; 1 to 31-character text string
Protocols supported
User configuration Network access: USB or Ethernet
Remote access: over the air
Configurable parameters Unit details, radio settings
DNP3 I/O and gateway (level 2+)
Modbus TCP/RTU gateway
Embedded Modbus master/slave for I/O transfer
Frequency agility parameters for automatic selection
of radio paths, prioritization of traffic flows, bandwidth
efficiency features, bandwidth utilization, redundancy,
routing, bridging, VLAN
Security WPA2-PSK, AES 256 bit, multilevel password protected configuration
Bandwidth Protection
LED indication Power/OK, Radio TX/RX/Link, RS-232, RS-485, digital I/O, radio received signal
Radio diagnostics Channel utilization, RSSI measurements (dBm),background noise, connectivity information/statistics available Web/Modbus reg
Network diagnostics Diagnostic capture to WiresharkE format file
EMC FCC CFR47 Part 15; EN 301 489-3; EN 301 489-5
RF (radio) FCC CFR47 Part 90; IC RSS 119; EN 300 113; EN 300 220; AS/NZS4295; AS/NZS4268
Hazardous area Class I, Division 2—pending IEC EX Zone 2; ATEX Zone 2—pending
Safety EN/IEC 62368
Nominal Supply 10.8-30 Vdc, undervoltage/overvoltage protection
Average current draw 220 mA at 13.8 V (idle), 130 mA at 24 V (idle)
Transmit current draw 2.5 A at 13.8 V (10 W RF), 1.5 A at 24 V (10 W RF) 0.9 A at 13.8 V (500 mW RF), 0.5 A at 24 V (500 mW RF)
Size 7.20 x 1.38 x 6.20 inches (183 x 35 x 156 mm)
Housing Powder-coated aluminum and high-density thermoplastic, IP20 rated
Mounting DIN rail
Terminal blocks Removable, max. conductor 12 AWG
Temperature rating –40 to +158 °F (–40 to +70 °C)
Humidity rating 0–99% RH noncondensing
Weight 1.6 lb (0.7 kg)



User Manual


Data Sheets

415U-E-C wireless Ethernet gateway – Data Sheet



Condor Series Configuration Software Version


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