EDAC is NBN Ready

The National Broadband Network (nbn™ network) is upgrading most existing phone networks in Australia. Your Voice Dialler can continue to operate on the NBN by requesting that your NBN provider supplies either an FXS or a UNI-V port on their connection box to plug in your voice dialler (analog phone device).
One drawback of the new network connections is that they’re not guaranteed to work during a power outage as the nbnâ„¢ access network requires power at both the exchange and within the home or business to operate.
Voice alarm diallers are still the most reliable way to ensure an immediate alarm notification and
a substitute pathway such as a Cellular device can be installed prior to migrating the nbn™ network to ensure safe and reliable voice connection during a power outage.
A line selector switch can be implemented to switch between networks as necessary or the dialler can be plugged straight to the cellular interface to be used on the alternate network.

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Boxed options with EDAC400 and PSU13A uninterruptible power supply

We recommend voice alarm notification over SMS in case of critical alarms. Voice calls are more likely to be answered, particularly at odd hours, cannot be delayed and your voice dialler will continue to dial the pre-programmed phone number in succession until the alarm is acknowledged. For an efficient pre-assembled voice dialler monitoring system ask Edac to supply the electrical box complete with your pre-configured dialler, battery back-up power supply and optional cellular interface with an antenna to suit the reception requirement at the designated installation site.