Clean water is a primary necessity of a human being. From the beginning of the day to the end, people need water to keep themselves hydrated and carry out regular activities. Well, even though it is essential, clean water is not enjoyed by all. As per a study, every year across the world, more than 1.1 million people fall ill as they consume untreated water. In Paris, a significant part of the population depends on tap water, contaminated with viruses and harmful bacteria. Besides, the water may include lead, chlorine, fluoride, and more.

However, Paris has come up with some best solutions to offer safe drinking water to all by installing advanced water treatment systems. Such systems are a significant investment that is protecting people from deadly waterborne pathogens. The best part is that these systems don’t affect the level of the natural mineral in the water. Let’s talk about this in detail and see how the Paris water supply system improves with time.

Providing safe drinking water with water sommeliers

Many restaurants in France and Paris have deployed the services provided by a water sommelier. Now you must be thinking, what does this term mean? Experts are required to taste and advise on different compelling aspects of the water.  Water sommeliers are highly professional and competent advisors who can add value to the natural curative and mineral waters.

water system in Paris

The primary focus of water testing is to know the mineral content. Different types of water will come with other TDS- Total Dissolved Solids count. Water that doesn’t have any mineral content will absorb minerals from the body. That’s why everyone should drink water with a sufficient amount of mineral count.

Many restaurants and homeowners in Paris are using a water system to purify, and the system also remineralizes the water with magnesium electrolytes and calcium.

Water polishing process

The Paris Water Treatment Plant utilizes a unique water purifying process to purify around 300,000 cubic meters of water every day. The water is supplied to 37 districts located in the northern suburbs of Paris. First, the plant processes the water through a screening process. Under this process, the large objects from the water are removed. After that, the water goes through a filtration process and then the polishing process. The water is generally filtered using Carbon, UV light, and Ozone to kill all the pollutants. The system to kill microbiological organisms uses an oxygen-rich atmosphere. On the other hand, to kill bugs, they use UV light. If you look at this process, you won’t find any chemicals.

In some cases, asedimentation process is used. The process is where suspended materials are separated by gravity. Those suspended materials can be silts or clay. They allow the water at the top to be harvested for sedimentation while the solids settle to the bottom.

Another method used in water purification is oxidation or also called AOP- Advanced Oxidation Process. It is an efficient method to eliminate organic contamination through biological processes. The production method of reactive oxygen species can quickly destroy different types of organic compounds. Methods like solar light and UV generally carry out the operation.

Carbonated water across Paris

Eau De Paris, a public water supply company, has committed to offering safe drinking water to all, and for that, more than 1000 water fountains have been established across Paris. In fact, in some places, one can get carbonated water.

Well, it can be said that Paris water is the most controlled food product and processed through multiple analyzes. Eau de Paris continuously monitors the presence of chlorine levels in the water. The authority monitors the water 24×7.

One of the most common ways to provide water with carbon dioxide is through CO2 canisters. Such canisters come with highly pressurized gas. Here is how water systems use these canisters to offer carbonated or sparkling water.

  • First of all, the water moves through the water filters that contain activated carbon. ‘
  • The filter size can be as small as 0.2 microns. So, the water system removes all the nasty parasites and particles, such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, lead, and more.
  • After that, carbonated is added to the water.

Every sparkling water fountain comes with multiple faucets. The water is chilled to around 44-Degree F, and carbon dioxide is added to the. The first carbonated water fountain was established in France’s Jardin de Reuilly. After that, Eau De Paris created such fountains at Parc Montsouris, Parc Andre Citroen, and more. With such facilities, now the homeless can also drink safe drinking water in Paris.

Besides, the authority has banned the use of lead pipes to prevent lead poisoning. They use ortho-phosphates, approved by the Ministry of Health. In fact, AFSSA also has approved it.

Introduction of automated water distribution and collection

Paris is now adopting advanced wireless solutions for the SCADA System and to automate the water collection and distribution across Paris. With the new solution, multiple water purification facilities are interconnected, and the department can monitor the process and execute the operations wirelessly. Furthermore, this system is perfect for the global water industry as it can improve water intake control.

This link tells you more about what’s left in the Paris Tap water for your health.