Voice alarm dialers are technology involving automated systems that generate calls under specific conditions. The conditions are predefined by the user and violation of which leads to the arousal of an alarm or signal. These are best suited to raise an alarm or place a call without using hands. Voice dialers avoid repetitive tasks and enhance efficiency by reducing the chance of missing a call or alarm.

Voice alarm dialers help in ringing an alarm on your cell phone or landline. When an emergency situation arises, the alarm blows and you are contacted in the registered way.

Voice dialers are fully automated systems that will not shut off until and unless a specific action is taken against the cause. Voice alarm dialers by EDAC work best with both cell phone and landline.

Uses of voice alarm dialers

  • Environmental monitoring for finding the cause of any trouble. For instance, an open window once you have left the house or just monitoring humidity in case of a manufacturing plant
  • Monitoring room temperature to keep it optimized according to your requirements
  • Water treatment emergencies including leakage
  • Fire alarms or any smoke that has occurred
  • Prevents interaction with third-party, by eliminating the need for a server in between to send an alarm to your device

All these facilities are based on a predictive dialing system instilled in the device that lets it to call out on specific numbers in case of an emergency or defined situations.

Types of voice dialers by EDAC

Various types of voice alarm dialers are available to choose from. Depending on the appliances you want to connect it to, the use ‘personal or industrial’ and the number of alarms you need, you can choose from the following. The features of each have been described in short:

Whether you wish to monitor a temperate setting, humidity in the room or major events like fire, EDAC voice alarm dialers are best suited. All the installation and setting up are quick and one-time in the beginning. Each product has a security pin instilled to prevent any theft or privacy invasion.  EDAC has been providing flexible and quality auto dialers for almost 2 decades now. The dialers function by the use of sensory sentinels attached inside them to perceive the changes in the surrounding.

They also have the power to convert text inputs into speech. All they need is a working electrical supply and they will use their existing memory and space to work on the task. Voice alarm dialers can be very compact and heavy, depending on the type of usage they are designed for. Some of the dialers like Matrix GFX11 3G/4G Gateway. By EDAC have 3G 850/2100, 4G 700/850/1800/2100/2600 and 3G and VoLTE (Voice over 4G) support

In conclusion, when an alarm occurs, EDAC’s voice alarm dialers dial the callout numbers listed earlier and dictate the situation in pre-recorded and crystal clear voice. The user is required to take action using a set of dial keys as set up. Without which, the dialer will continue to send out signals or alarms until the user responds with an action. Voice alarm dialers are best suited to avoid accidents from happening.