Wireless I/O

  • 105U

    Wireless I/O
    The ELPRO multi-I/O products are two-way communication devices which transmit signal values by radio (specifying the value and I/O output channel) to a receiving module. The receiving module then decodes the message, generating/re-creating the value at the specified I/O channel outputs. ELPRO 105U series products have four differing I/O versions and can multi-hop repeat five times. When combined with ELPRO’s 115S series products or gateway products, the 105U series can accommodate changing I/O and data-bus/protocol requirements.
  • 115E-2 Expansion I/O

    DNP3 Option
    Designed to work with wired and wireless devices, the ELPRO 115E-2 is capable of providing IP‑based I/O across sprawling industrial environments typical of industrial applications. The 115E-2 can serve as an end node or network gateway and is scalable to thousands of nodes. DNP3 protocol available.
  • 115S

    Expansion I/O
    The ELPRO 115S series allows end users to readily accommodate changing I/O needs as project specifications evolve. The 115S series can be used with ELPRO transceiver-based I/O, Gateway, Ethernet and Serial products to expand input and output count or act as Modbus slave I/O to connect other field devices. Connected via RS485 and communicating ELPRO WIBNetTM or Modbus protocols, the 115S series is available in three versions of I/O count and multiple 115S products may be daisy-chained to accommodate changing application needs.
  • 905U-1

    Wireless I/O
    The ELPRO 905U Wireless Multi-I/O is a node that extends communications to sensors and actuators in local, remote, or difficult to reach locations. Designed with a long range, license-free or licensed wireless transceiver, the ELPRO 905U module provides a simple to deploy solution to transfer process I/O signals reliably over long distances or within an industrial plant.
  • 905U-K

    Single Sensor Unit
    Designed with low power consumption and simple plug-in of ELPRO BU-5 Battery Packs, the ELPRO 905U-K provides reliable continuity in environments typical of industrial applications with power constraints. Capable of transferring analog, pulse or discrete inputs, and powering a loop-powered analog device (24Vdc, 50mA), offers a simple to deploy and highly reliable solution.
  • 905U-L

    I/O Transmitter/Receiver Pair
    The ELPRO 905U-L-T (Transmitter) and 105U-L-R (Receiver) products feature a small I/O count, one-way and cost-effective communications between field devices. The 905U-L series products are flexible by design (i.e., pre-configured pairs for ease of commissioning) and may be used in simple to complex, multi-hop repeating networks (in combination with other ELPRO I/O and gateway products).
  • 915U-2 Self Meshing I/O

    Self Meshing I/O Modbus, DNP3
    Designed with a long range, license-free 900MHz wireless transceiver, the ELPRO 915U-2 is capable of providing IP-based mesh networking across sprawling industrial environments typical of industrial applications. Capable of ad-hoc mesh networking, roaming and discovery, as well as deterministic mesh, the 915U-2 can serve as an end node, routing node or network gateway. Scalable to thousands of nodes, Gather-ScatterTM and Block Mapping technology offers the efficient utilization of network resources, and eases integration into complex monitoring and control systems. Integrated Modbus server capability allows further I/O expansion through the use of ELPRO 115S Expansion modules.