Wireless Temperature Sensors

Temperature monitoring, immediate alarm notification and secure data logging are essential tools for staff responsible for stock stored in refrigerators and freezers. Costly inventory such as food products and pharmaceuticals can be seriously compromised by storing at incorrect temperatures and lead to stock spoilage.

Edac supplies simple solutions to wirelessly monitor your fridge/freezers and is ideal for use in areas where running wires is difficult.

For added security Edac can supply wireless temperature sensors that are used in conjunction with a vial filled with glass beads that act as a buffer against temporary temperature fluctuations caused by such things as doors being opened or defrost cycles. This allows you to read accurate temperatures of the contents inside the fridge rather than the surrounding air. Sensors monitor temperature ranges from -50 to 80 degrees.

Edac’s range of wireless temperature sensors are ideal for all food and medical cold storage applications including

  • Vaccine
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Research and testing
  • Retail locations