Artificial Intelligence has seen a boom in all types of industries and it is something we can find at both our homes and offices including industries like medicine. Some of these we cannot imagine living without. AI has saved lives many times in the absence of a human presence. SMS diallers are one such category of technology that can be very useful in critical situations of emergency.

SMS diallers are similar to voice alarm diallers, in the sense that SMS diallers raise an alarm as well. SMS diallers are widely more popular for raising a SMS alerts rather than a call, as observed in case of voice alarm diallers. Two common ways SMS diallers can be used include:

  • Receive alarm alerts in the form of SMS in case of changes in the initial setup
  • Send SMS messages to control the equipment attached.

EDAC offers a variety of SMS diallers with distinguished catalogue and performance. The name, along with its key features are listed below:

  • IMS 1000: 8 input Voice SMS, SNMP, Web server
  • IMS 4000: 8 input Voice SMS, SNMP, Web server
  • Sensaphone WSG30: Wireless 32 input, Email, SNMP, Web Page, Logging
  • Sentinel: 12 input Voice, SMS, SNMP, Cloud logging/Configuration
  • Sentinel Pro: 12 input Voice, SMS, Modbus, Cloud logging/Configuration
  • SMS320: 8 inputs, 5 outputs SMS, Email, Logging
  • SMS 9140: 6 inputs/outputs SMS & Cloud Logging
  • WEB 600: 6 input Email, Logging, Modbus, Web Page

SMS diallers are easy to use, web-based software instilled devices that can help you monitor your environment and get notified of any changes. They work via sensors and pre-entered data by the users. The SMS receivable can be programmed according to the user. SMS diallers by EDAC are easily configurable using just a mobile device and without the help of any laptop or PC, making them very installation-friendly. SMS diallers come in both compact and elaborate form depending on the type of usage, home or industrial. These SMS are sent via the GSM or Ethernet network and the devices by EDAC work with the majority of mobile networks without creating any lag.

SMS diallers can monitor freezers, air conditioning, humidity and other environmental centred devices for you in your absence. All SMS devices are capable of notifying more than one device and some even upto 30 devices, thus suiting for even manufacturing units involving complex branches and devices. Mobile phone devices are available with almost everyone and SMS diallers hence, can prove to be very useful in serious situations like a fire or smoke outbreak in apartments. EDAC’s products are cost-effective and quite user-friendly for essential monitoring and control. Say goodbye to the endless loop of getting stuck with a third-party application. EDAC SMS diallers work without the expense of any third-party installations. Some of the SMS dialler, like IMS 1000 sends an alarm both in text and email, just to be sure. All devices are integrated with built-in memory storage and configuration. Industries EDAC SMS diallers products are best suited for include the following:

  • Medical or Pharmaceutical firms
  • Refrigeration
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Water Management
  • Building Automation and Home based needs for serving people by providing complete control of house facilities to the owner

The take away of the blog

Looking for a user-friendly, simple and easy to use monitoring system for controlling the environment of your devices? EDAC’s SMS diallers are your answer. EDAC has been a pioneer working in alarm systems for 26 years. Environmental monitoring systems and industrial alarms have been EDAC’s speciality. Choose a device that suits your need.